Monday, May 30, 2005

Ends vs Means

greetings, gentle Readers...

so much has been written on BlogCritics as of late concerning some of the "battlefields" wherein the so-called Culture "War" has been taking place. most cite specific Issues they feel epitomize the Conflict and so they sally forth into the Fray, utilizing their Resources to set down their Arguments, on one side or another.

your humble Narrator has not been Idle in these Discussions, to the point of actually reading and evaluating as well as commenting on the Matters under debate. the Arguments that have ensued served to steer my Thoughts towards attempting to Determine the underlying Root Cause, or Conflict of prime Postulates, of these differences in Viewpoints.

Hypothesis: is the distinct Difference based upon the Juxtaposition of two diverging tenets in personal Philosophy?

the two Schools I detect are...

the Ends Justify the Means - to satisfy that the Goal sought is reached, any and all Tactics may be employed even if they Violate a prime Tenet of Ethics/Morals, any Breach is Reconciled under the excuse that it is in the Name of a "worthy cause"...henceforth referred to as E>M

the Means are an End in and of themselves - in this, the Tactics used to accomplish the Goal are just as important as the "worthy cause" itself...henceforth referred to as M=E

simplicity itself to easily ascertain where the innate Conflict between these Postulates derive.

perhaps a Parable will portray the Postulates properly?

two men exit different banks after procuring Funds to start their own widget manufacturers...each has very different Ideas and business Plans to achieve their Goal of "success"...for our Purposes, we will call them Mr.E and Mr.M

both rush off to share the good news and soon hire the Engineers to finalyze production design of their widgets, since Function delineates Form , they are widgets after all, the Designs come back almost identical. a Consultant for Cost Analysis is brought in by both men and each finds only a single place in the Design that would significantly alters Costs;the material and dimensions of the main stress bearing bracket.

Mr.E decides to use the much cheaper plastic material to contain Cost, even tho he is well Aware that it will mean the widget will "fail" much sooner..he decides that it will increase the Bottom Line by both cutting Costs as well as decreasing the lifecycle of his Product thus enabling greater sales quantity. his Goal is to achieve the highest possible Profit Margin in each of his Quarterly reports to maximize his own financial Gain by hopefully increasing the Price of his Stock when he goes Public.

Mr.M decides to go with the steel material for Quality purposes, believing that a better Quality Product will be crucial to the Goal of long term, sustainable Growth and Continuity for his Business, which to him contains Management, Employees and future Stockholders.

now comes the Production Consultants...both do their Work well, and Objectively outlines each Variable in the Process...leaving both CEO's with equal Information as well as similar Options.

Mr.E has no Concern for any Variable outside of his Goal for maximum quarterly Results...and so Incorporates offshore to shield himself from tax Costs, and outsources the Manufacture to a foreign Facility that will charge him minimally for Set Up Costs, and only $2 an hours for Labor (the Manufacuter only paying $2 a day for workers will make a sizable portion of his Profit from this disparity)

Mr.M decides to lease/purchase a Facility and Invest in the Workers and Machinery required to produce the high Quality widgets he wants to bring to Market. he chooses a site in an urban "enterprise zone" to have access to a work force as well as distribution networks for gathering required Resources and delivering the widgets, the good terms on the lease and the local tax incentives help initial Costs. both the Investment in machinery and the providing of decently paying Jobs spurs various sectors in both the Local economy and since Mr.M has decided to buy only from domestic producers of Resources, the National as well.

Marketing time...Mr.E chooses his Agency by their Reputation to saturate the Market with Brand Recognition and emphasis on low,low Prices...Mr.M finds a Local Agency that will maximize his Products Exposure, emphasizing the Quality of "the best built Widgets, made in America by Americans"

the Products are released, widget-mania strikes!
everyone wants a widget and the early Results have Mr.E with 60% Market share due to his Price advantage and blanket Marketing...Mr.M has 40% and considers that a solid base of very satisfied Customers who are quite Loyal to his Brand due to the higher Quality

both Companys decide it is time to go Public and prepare for their IPO in the Stock Market
as the Day comes the Market share has chaged to 55% for "E" and 45% for "M"
due to a slight increase of Customers choosing to "buy American" and/or deciding on Quality from either the Marketing or word of mouth influences.
Mr.E has worked ceaselessly for this Day, his entire Business Plan was geared towards maximiznig what he would make from this IPO and his own personal stock in the Market to come...he hires an Accounting firm to make the Books look as good as possible, stretching the Rules as far as possible to maximize the Bottom Line for the quarter...towards this Mr.E has spent some of the "windfall" from initial Profits to shore up the "numbers" as well as written the IPO in his own favor adding in a lucrative "Golden Parachute"...the Corporate Model coming from the supply side, "trickle" down", school of Economics

Mr.M has hired an outside Firm to audit his own Books to confirm their accuracy and to Certify that the results show a sustainable business Model with a very Respectable profit/cost ratio...the Corporate Model being the demand side, "rising tide lifts all boats", school of Economics...Workers and Management both share in the success of the Business.

end of IPO day has Mr.E with a significantly higher price for his Stocks, the Bulls just went chargnig after it, and Mr.E scored a fortune...Mr.M did well enough to celebrate and starts his Day with a Company wide annoucement showing just how much each of them made from their own Stocks and what this influx of Capital will do to help the Company continue to prosper

some time later and Mr.E's widgets start to break while the higher Quality of Mr. M's last twice as long before needing many Customers begin figuring out that the 10% higher price is well worth the double effective use

"M"'s Market share increases to 55% and the Stock rises steadily accordingly, he shares the increased Income among the Employees, setting aside what is predicted to be needed for the future, and keeping a modest percentage for himself

"E"'s Share drops to 45%, his Stock drops to indicate the change, Mr.E has decided he is hitting the point of diminishing returns and brokers a deal to sell his Company to a major Retailer who plans on discarding much of the internal Company personnel and assets to be replaced by Corporate Management and Oversite...Mr.E grabs everything he can get and bails out on his Parachute of Gold...his Goal has been accomplished, his employees will be seeking Work and now his widgets will be made as a Commodity only by a Structure that cares not whether it makes widgets or washing machines as long as the Bottom Line Expectations are met.

thus Endeth the Lesson

which widget would you buy and why?
which Company would you rather work for?
these Questions and others raised beg for contemplation

and i had Thought it might be nice to share on this day we give Memorial to those that have Fallen endeavoring to live up to their Oath "to serve and uphold the Constitution of the United States"

one of the points of Conflict in this "cultural clash" can be easily determined to be stemming from the schism between those that follow E>M and those that adhere to M=E

that's just my one sixth billionths of the world's Opinion...

what's yours?


Sunday, May 29, 2005


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